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About The Book

Are you raising a bully?

If you desire a deeper understanding of bullying, including the psychology behind the bully, the watcher, the receiver, and more, “Are You Raising a Bully?” is the perfect book for you! This book serves as a reliable guide that provides ample amounts of educational empowerment tools that aid in recognizing and combating bullying in its early stages.



About The Author

Tara Lynn Townes

Tara Lynn Townes, a native of Bayonne NJ, experienced intense bullying during her childhood due to her being an overweight child from an interracial marriage. As a mother, Tara Lynn was concerned that her son Encore, born with dwarfism, would similarly face discrimination. Her concerns were proved right when Encore was subjected to extreme bullying. Tara Lynn became an advocate for diversity and anti-bullying, spearheading the establishment of Tiny Be Mighty, a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness about dwarfism and combating bullying. In addition, she works with families who have lost children between the ages of 7-17 because of bullying.  Thanks to her work, Tara Lynn and her son received the congressional citation award from the State of Connecticut for their anti-bullying work in the community.

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